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Sanju Baba turns poet!

Saturday , 05 March 2016

It’s unlikely that you missed the news about Sanjay Dutt’s recent release from prison after a five-year sentence. There was blanket coverage of the event on Indian news channels. Many people tuned in to watch his release, live.

The Munna Bhai actor spoke to members of the press, following his release. One of the things he spoke about was how he had penned poems while incarcerated.

The actor said that having been inspired by a couple of inmates, Samir and Zeeshan, who were writing poetry, he decided to give it a go. And, this was no brief love affair! Sanjay revealed that he had written some 500 poems during his time in prison. What’s more, he intends to publish them, along with some poems by Samir and Zeeshan.

Something else that the actor spoke about that was interesting was his newfound appreciation for the value of money. Sanjay said that, while earning Rs 440 for making paper bags in prison, he really came to value hard work and money. He also said that he had learnt the importance of saving and that he would set aside Rs 20 (only to be used in case of an emergency) from the Rs 2,000 he’d receive every month for personal expenses.

We look forward to reading Sanju Baba’s poetry and wish him best of luck with this new chapter in his life.