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Perk up your walls with prints from a local photographer

Saturday , 27 February 2016

Dubai-based photographer Saharsh Cherian has recently set up an online store, Pixelesque Photography, showcasing his diverse collections. You can purchase reasonably-priced pieces that provide a unique insight into the UAE and other places…

With big businesses reigning supreme in virtually every field in the UAE, it’s nice to be able to support local businesses, when you get the chance.

Pixelesque Photography is one such venture. In this online store, you’ll find an eclectic assortment of images by Dubai-based photographer, Saharsh Cherian. These include shots that capture rarely pictured sights of the UAE.

Some of the photos, like scenes from a bullfight in Fujairah, are styled like social documentary photography, while others, like ‘The Social Handle’ (a beautiful close-up of a blue shisha hose cover), have more artistic hues.

You’ll find everything from engaging portraits, like the black-and-white ‘The Sales Pitch’, to landscapes and panoramas, like ‘The Camels’ Humps are Mountains Far Away’ (which could easily be mistaken for a painting, upon first view).

There are also some impressive architectural photographs, like ‘Lines Under The Sun’ and ‘The Grand Between’.

A few of my favourites include the expertly framed ‘The Keyhole Submission’, the artistic ‘A Tree of Life’, the black-and-white ‘Forgotten Fences’ and the vibrant ‘Luminous’.

Asked about what insights he’s gained while photographing the UAE, Cherian says, “I found that there is a lot more to the country, visually, than most postcards, magazines or books would lead you to believe. Driving around this tiny country, I’ve come across pockets that I had never heard of, nor expected. From ostrich farms to Land Rover Defender graveyards, all the way to Arab merchants who enjoy old Hindi music.”

Cherian’s photography isn’t limited to the UAE. You can buy prints of some stunning visuals from Vietnam and South India, for example. He will also be uploading many other collections to the online store, over the next few weeks.

One of the photos from his ‘The Beautiful Country’ (Vietnam) collection, titled ‘Looks Like Nothing’s Going To Change’, features a tantalising green sea with clouds that seem to stretch on forever. It’s an arresting, moody piece that you could truly get lost in.

Then, there are some pictures that find beauty where you’d least expect it, like ‘The Green Door’, which shows two pink plastic bags filled with produce, hanging from a worn-out wooden door, on which, some of the green paint has peeled off, in parts.

The collection, ‘The Indian South’, includes ‘A Spot of Tea’, which features a striking close-up of dew-drenched tea leaves, against an out-of-focus background. It’s like a welcome burst of green that helps quench our thirst for foliage, out here in the desert.

The collection also contains the tranquil pink palette-based ‘Into The Sunset’, in which a lone man manoeuvers his virtually silhouetted boat in glistening pink-orange waters, that appear to seamlessly blend into the lilac-pink skies above.

If you’ve been looking for something different to spruce up your walls with, which also supports a local artist, we strongly recommend that you check out Cherian’s collections. What’s more, the online store offers free home delivery for all UAE purchases.

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