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Growing demand for Event Management professionals

Saturday , 27 February 2016

These professionals take away the pressure from hosts by conceptualising, organizing and executing important events for the corporates

With corporatisation of industries in almost all sectors of the Indian economy, the need for better and professional coordination between multiple stakeholders is on the rise. Better coordination entails much smoother synergies and to take up these tasks, a breed of new professionals, is now fast emerging. These people take up a corporate event right from conceptualising, planning, organizing and budgeting levels, to its meticulous execution.

Though, a demanding job, several young men and women are opting for a career in event management, as it offers good remuneration packages and also brings along a taste of glamour with it.

While some of the more glitzy events organised by event management teams these days, are for fashion & celebrity shows, film awards, celebrity promotions, road shows and musical concerts, they are also equally well-equipped to deal with more sober economic and social gatherings like company conferences, corporate seminars, workshops, exhibitions and product launches,  just to name a few.

Yet another group of event managers choose to get involved, and specialise in, more personalised occasions like wedding celebrations, birthday parties, theme parties, office parties, etc.

One of the most unique and fascinating ingredients of an event manager, is that he/she needs to be an effective multi-tasker. From readying a basic framework to bringing in money, from picking-up a venue to arranging logistics and to signing performers, an event manager must be able to work at all these levels.


One needs to have passed 10+2 examination from a recognised board, to pursue a course in event management, at the undergrad level. A specific stream at the school level is not required to enter this course.

It is the same for a master’s programme, as candidates from any stream can switch to pursue a career in event management, after having completed a bachelor’s degree. Media and management students, though, are preferred.

Course details

Apart from some management universities offering a dedicated course in event management at the graduation and post-graduation levels, students of public relations, advertising and mass communication are also well suited to go ahead and become a successful event manager.

There are several colleges who offer event management, as one of the main subjects while teaching management, mass communication and public relations.

Career prospects

Opportunities for professional event managers are available in great numbers and the job yields decent financial packages, should the candidate be skilled in performing well during challenging situations.

Some of the reputed event management companies, always looking for talented professionals include: Wizcraft, Oglivy & Mather and Percept’ D mark, to name a few. Several other professionals opt to work independently, or as consultants. There are several government departments too, who hire event management firms to organize some of their important events.

Apart from these, television channels, fashion companies, award function organisers, advertising houses, production houses, hotel industry, tourism, corporate offices, talent hunt and reality show producers, fashion & cultural show organisers, academic & sports meets and religious functions, are some of the sectors where liaisoning skills of an event manager is required.

Ankit Grover, a resident of Faridabad in the National Capital Region (NCR), who is employed with Leo Burnett, a reputed event management company, informed TGI: “The execution of an event is a process of projecting a small idea, in a whole new way. It is the duty of the event manager to develop, manage and turn the idea into a success. For this, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the product or brand for which, the event is being organised.”

He further added: “No doubt it is challenging to work as an event manager but when it yields satisfactory results financially, you strive to work harder and harder despite all the pressures.” Simply put, according to Ankit: “The job of an event manager is to conceptualise, coordinate and coax.”

Top Colleges

One of the few dedicated institutes to study event management is National Institute of Event Management (NIEM). Headquartered in Mumbai, it has branches in several cities including Pune, Kolhapur, etc.

Other colleges are Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi; Event Management Development Institute, Mumbai; Indian Institute of Event Management, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune; International Centre for Event Marketing, New Delhi; International Institute of Event Management, Mumbai; St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore and RS Institute of Event Management, Bangalore.

Other important universities that teach event management as a specialisation within their mass communication and public relations programmes are Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad; Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi; Annamalai University and Madurai Kamraj University, Tamil Nadu; Punjabi University, Patiala; and Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.


Though remuneration in this field fluctuates according to the type of the event that is managed, there is never any shortage of clients. While starting monthly salaries in this profession could be around Rs 30,000 per month, a few of the new comers are, at time, paid on a daily basis, sometimes up to Rs 1,000-1,500 per day.

Once an event manager attains experience in the field, he/she can command fees, ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 or above, per event. The pay packet in this industry, though, varies according to your role and responsibility and the firm you are employed with.