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Burst of Flavours for Tea-Loving Rail Passengers

Saturday , 20 February 2016

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has joined hands with Chaayos, a leading café chain, in order to provide train passengers with more than 25 flavours of tea. The flavours can further be customised in more than 12,000 different ways. The range of flavours vary from the quintessential desi chai to those with interesting names including, hari-mirch chai (green chilli tea) and aam-papad chai (mango-jelly tea), besides adrak-tulsi chai (ginger-basil tea), shahad-adrak-nimbu chai (honey-ginger-lemon tea) and kulhad chai (tea served in earthen cups).

The tie-up with Chaayos ensures that tea and snacks will be served to passengers at their berths. The provision will initially be available in all trains at the New Delhi station. Eventually, the service will be extended to other stations across the national capital and Mumbai.

According to Arun Kumar Manocha, Chairman, IRCTC, “The steaming cup of tea, an inseparable part of any train journey, is going to be tastier and customised in choicest flavours with IRCTC entering into a tie up with leading tea-café chain Chaayos. Another piece of good news for rail passengers is that we have decided to give a 10 per cent cash-back offer on e-catering orders of more than Rs 300.”

Chaayos has 20 cafés across Delhi-NCR and Mumbai. Passengers can place their orders on the IRCTC website ( or by calling 1-800-1034-139 (toll-free number), at least two hours ahead of the train’s arrival time. IRCTC has additionally introduced a mobile application, through which passengers can place their orders.