About us

The Gulf Indian (TGI) Weekly is the UAE’s first and only weekly publication that targets the country’s 2.6 million-strong non-resident Indian (NRI) community.

TGI’s first issue came out on March 23, 2014, and the publication has since garnered a loyal readership among NRIs who live, work and study in the UAE.

TGI’s founders—who have decades of extensive experience in the world of media, particularly in the GCC region—firmly believed that there was a vacuum in the publishing world, when it came to a single medium catering to NRIs. This is why we stepped in to fill this void with TGI Weekly.

TGI provides its readers with UAE news as well as a host of India-centric features and news stories.

The basic concept behind TGI is to keep NRIs in the UAE connected with key subjects that are of immense importance to them. Therefore, at the core of TGI’s content-mix are segments like: ‘Banking & Investment’, ‘Real Estate Scene’, ‘Medical Tourism’, ‘Higher Education’, ‘Kerala this Week’, ‘Discover India’, ‘Travel & Tourism’ and ‘Bollywood’.

The Gulf Indian Weekly’s distribution strategy has also been specially crafted to ensure optimum reach among NRIs in the UAE. It is distributed across 2,500 points on an FOC (free-of-cost) basis, covering all seven emirates. These well-researched distribution points are public places, where a visitor typically waits for 20-45 minutes and the footfall varies from 50-400 visitors, per point, per day.

Based on an average of 100 visitors per day x 2,500 distribution points x 7 days, TGI’s potential reach is 1.75 million. Even if a mere 15% of those exposed, read TGI, this guarantees a reach of 262,500 readers per issue. In addition, 5,000 opinion-makers of Indian origin also receive personalised e-copies, each week.

Since its launch, TGI has received a steady stream of support from its readers, from different emirates, who have strongly endorsed the publication and its content-mix.

It is, and always will be, our endeavour to ensure that credible and authentic information is brought to the readers of The Gulf Indian Weekly, at all times.